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30 years (at this old place!)

4th July, 2013 by

So it was in April this year that we reached 30 years at the same location in Rusholme… we thought some people might like to see some photo relics I’ve dug out of a dusty old box!

SO much has changed, and particularly over the last year or so it’s feeling like quite a different shop. The old faces are still around but the influence of the younger lot and their strange cycling ways are having an effect!

This was the shop and it’s proprietors not long after we opened in 1983

Old Shots_0001

Old Shots_0002

Old Shots_0006

Within a few months they’d picked up this reprobate; you might recognise him…he won’t leave!

Old Shots_0007

80’s Tandem Touring! This laden treat belonged to a certain Malcom Cowle, a popular Withington frame builder some people may know of. (After expanding to the florists next door)

Old Shots_0005

The grand re-opening of 1994!


A very 90’s mountain bike display from soon after the re-opening. A couple of classics in there!

Old Shots_0004

Such a loveley display attracted the local Ram-raiders! They couldn’t keep their grubby mitts off the anodised shiny bits! ….note our Sheffield stands now outside the shop

Old Shots_0003

And this one’s just a classic from an old Flying Doctors club ride. Broken collarbone I think it was – Ouch!


See you soon!

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