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    Joe has returned to the bike trade from the world of IT. Their loss is our gain. An avid moutain biker he can often be seen chasing Tom around the hills in the dales and the peaks at every available moment. He has been riding bikes since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He doesn’t drink tea, but twist his arm and he might make one, so we think he’s all right.


    Mo has been at Bike Doc since 1985. Having started as a youthful bike tinkerer one day a week, he gradually amassed a legendry store of bicycle knowledge, and increased his commitment until he became full time and a full member. His bike use is mainly commuting, though he looks forward to being released from family duties enough to get out touring again. He has also been seen doing some very silly things on a mountain bike in his time. His patience, good humour and encyclopaedic bike knowledge are greatly appreciated by co-workers and customers alike.


    Dave has raced Mountain Bikes, competed in time trials and even done the odd Cyclo-cross race! His mechanical skills are his greatest strength though, as he’s worked on pretty much every type and brand of bicycle available. With a dry sense of humour and a fondness for coffee, Dave is never happier than when he’s fixing something that at first seemed beyond repair.


    As the youngest member of staff, Tom’s clearing a few cobwebs in the shop and unseizing the knees of the old timers. When not in work, Tom can be found rattling around the trails of the Peak District or proving that a duffel coat can be aerodynamic as he breezes past the roadies of Wilmslow Road on his fat tyred MTB.


    Ed is a keen roadie and has done the odd triathlon, sportives and many other team rides. When not on the road he is also a big mountain bike fan and has a wealth of knowledge of routes in england and north wales. Around town Ed is never without his classic Bianchi racer he commutes every where with it


    Everybody wants to know Dan. You’ll have to wait for his profile


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