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All New – Emonda ALR

2nd April, 2015 by


Lightweight aluminum perfection bolsters Émonda 

Trek is unveiling an all-new line of ultra-lightweight aluminum road bikes so unrivaled in weight and ride quality, it’s the first aluminum bike worthy of the Émonda name. Built with unmatched attention to balance and handling, Émonda ALR offers elegance on a new level, far surpassing the lightness and performance of many of its carbon competitors. Bringing the same level of class-leading weight and ride quality to aluminum price points, Émonda ALR will make you seriously rethink what is capable with aluminum.

Every detail of the Émonda line, from frame design to each component choice on every model, serves the same audacious goal: to create the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered. One of those details is something never before seen on an aluminum road bike. Trek’s elegant and weight-saving Invisible Weld Technology, a revolution in welding technology, requires less material while simultaneously increasing the strength of connections. The results are smooth and flawless seams, stronger bonds between the frame’s tubes, sparkling aesthetics, and decreased frame weight.

Émonda is a dream bike to sell as much as it is to ride. All ALR bikes come with Émonda’s popular H2 fit and geometry in addition to being spec’d top-to-bottom with complete group sets. Ensuring that every Émonda ALR is spec’d as a complete system ensures the bike’s ride quality a place alongside its carbon brethren. The Émonda ALR frame is equipped with DuoTrap S, allowing riders to take full advantage of this technology on an aluminum bike with a pure racing pedigree.

Trek’s lightest and best-riding aluminum race bike pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for bicycle weight and performance.



New 300 Series Alpha Aluminum – Premium-grade aluminum hydroformed in size-specific tubes that provide the perfect balance of stiffness and weight.



New Invisible Weld Technology – New welding technology creates a better connection with each tube junction, increasing strength with using less material.



Emonda SL fork – Ultra lightweight full carbon construction


 H2 Geometry – All Emonda ALR bikes come with Trek’s most popular H2 geometry.



 DuoTrap S Compatible – Keep track of your speed and cadence with the Bluetooth and ANT+ DuoTrap S.


Complete Gruppos – Consistant with the carbon Emonda models, every ALR comes with complete component gruppos. If you order the Emonda ALR 6 with Shimano Ultegra, the chain, cassette, crank, brakes, derailleurs, and shifters will all be Shimano Ultegra.







Lifetime Warranty – Trek backs all of our bikes with the world’s best warranty


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