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    All kinds of Bikes for all kinds of People

    We’re proud to have selected a wide range of bikes to suit whatever criteria or budget you have. Everything in our shop has to meet our particularly high standards or we wouldn’t sell it or offer to service it 3 times for you.

    There’s a lot of rubbish out there and we refuse to flog it anyway just because its got a strong margin. We also know it’s not all about having every single brand under one massive roof. We’ll only deal with manufacturers that don’t squirm out of a warranty situation, or cut design corners so they can offer the fanciest derailleur for the price. We’ve figured out the worthy ones and have ended dealerships over the years with the ones not worth your time.

    We don’t list everything we can get in for you on our website so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can’t see what you want. Full catalogues are available on the Manufacturers websites which you can get to below.


    TK_Color_Horizontal_on white_03_m

    Trek are one of the biggest bicycle brands in the world. They put more into research and development than pretty much all the others and are industry leaders because of it. What Trek do one year, everyone else tries to copy the next. They have an enormous range of great bikes, fantastic value for money, and if you need them for it; their warranty service is second to none.


    Logo Bianchi 2006_001

    Founded 1885, Bianchi of Italy are the oldest manufacturer in the world that’s still producing bikes. They make a range of bikes but Road is their speciality and don’t they do it well. Hugely desirable, beautifully crafted and the ride is a cut above the rest.


    Based in the U.K this brand are firmly focused on leading edge prduction methods. Whyte have pioneered many technical innovations over the years and have many class leading bikes in their range.



    Saracen are a British company who’ve been around since 1987 and were market leaders throughout the 90’s. They’ve been off many people’s radar for a while but have been making a resurgence since 2010, designing race proven machines. Their range of bikes offer a high quality of build and some proper ‘value for spec’ highlights, plus offer the confidence to the customer by being parented by the largest cycle distributor in the country.


    Ridgeback are another British company also with the backup of the largest cycle distributor in the country. They do a wide range of bikes but in our shop you’ll find their touring models.  For a tourer in the classic sense, made of proper Reynolds steel equipped with racks and mudguards, hub gear options and good value spec to suit various budgets – look no further.


    No other bike folds as quickly and easily, or ends up as compact and convenient. Built to last you a lifetime with a design that’s not fundamentally changed since we started selling them 25 years ago, they’re one of only 2 of major brands still manufactured in England. We’re Brompton experts here and we keep 3 demo bikes for you to try the different options for yourself.



    These lot do things a little differently. Expand your horizons and go exploring with a bike from Surly, experts in all things steel. Their bikes will take you to work or around the world, wherever you set your sights. Completes or custom builds, the choice is yours. Touring bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes and tractor tyred Fat-bikes! We keep a wide range of what Surly have to offer. Have a look at their website it’s ace.
    Cotic are a local bike company based out in the Peak District. Making fantastic steel mountain bike hard-tails is their thing, but these days they’ve got a few other tricks up their sleeve. Proud to be a Cotic dealer, pop in and feel the steel!
    Built in Stratford-upon-Avon since 1926, Pashley cycles are the only other major manufacturer still building frames in England. They do things the traditional way. The comfort and beauty of steel as a frame material with majestic style for timeless bikes.


    Airnimal are part of Cyclecentric’s flock of Cambridge designed bikes. They do race bikes, touring bikes, even full suspension bikes …and they all fold away! Unlike other folders these come with a full range of gears, many features and ride like a full size bike. Built exceptionally well and designed exceptionally well; Airnimal are the cream of folding performance bikes.


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