Bicycle Doctor

Bicycle Doctor: A History

Bicycle Doctor's founding members moved into our current home on Dickenson Road, Rusholme way back in 1983. The early 80's saw a flourishing of the cooperatively run bicycle shop in the UK, with Brixton Cycles down in London, York Cycleways, Mosquito Cycles in Islington and London Fields Cycles in Hackney all setting up shop around this time. Starting off life in a tiny retail unit next door to  flower shop, Robbie, Rob and Mo (who you'll still see at BD today) developed a reputation for their mechanical know-how and friendly 'service with a smile'.


From '83 it's been quite a journey! In 1987 Bicycle Doctor was awarded Best Co-op of the Year. The business also purchased the neighbouring building, allowing us to double the size of our premises with a very colourful reopening party.

Over the years, we've kept our fingers on the pulse of emerging cycling trends. As mountain bikes began appearing on the trails of the Peak Disctrict in the 1990's, members became involved in the aptly named Flying Doctors club (see below; ouch!)

More recently we've been keeping abreast with the boom in eBiking, stocking bikes such as the Brompton Electric. So whether you're interested in getting muddy on the trails, packing up your tent and sleeping bag for a tour, or getting to work on time and keeping fit; we've got you covered. And after all these years, one thing that hasn't changed is our expertise in the workshop and our famous 'service with a smile'.

What is a Co-op?

Cooperatives are democratic businesses and organizations equally owned and controlled by their workers. Same pay, same say, equal rights and equal responsibilities. We think bosses are over-rated; they're expensive, unnecessary and not very fun. Instead we like to share the workload and learn from each other.