Bicycle Doctor workshop

Why choose us?

  • We are a local independent bicycle shop with nearly 4 decades of experience.
  • All of our mechanics are experts (Cytech level II trained) so you can trust us to do a professional job on your pride and joy.
  • We offer a wide range of servicing, repairs and wheel building, with attention to detail our utmost priority.
  • All repairs are booked in for a specific day and, whenever possible, returned the same day, meaning you're without your bike for the shortest time possible.

How to book your bike in?

Get in touch with us by phone or email. Once we know the scope of the work needed we can arrange a suitable day to book you in. Alternatively pop in and we can book your bike in face-to-face. Please note you may need to take your bike away and return it on the agreed day as we have limited storage space. We can sometimes offer a courtesy bike free-of-charge for you to use whilst your bike is being repaired. This is subject to availability and is by no means guaranteed.


How much will it cost?

Take a look at our fixed price servicing options and workshop pricelist below. To be able to quote accurately for the work, we would ideally need to see your bike. We can then ascertain if any parts are needed for the job and if parts are needed, we can order them in.


Level 1

Full safety check/crash assessment & quote, if applicable

Detailed written list of parts & work required

Price: £25


Level 2

Same as Level 1 plus;

Adjust gears and brakes accordingly

Bolt & fixings check

Essential wheel true

External adjustment to headset, hubs

Test ride

Price: £50


Level 3

Same of Level 2 plus;

Drive-train clean using ROZONE Smartwasher

Price: £75


Level 4

Same as Level 2 plus;

Full bike clean, including removal and refit of bottom bracket, using ROZONE Smartwasher

Price: £100


Level 5

Same as Level 2 plus;

Full strip down & rebuild of bike

Removal and refit of all bearings including bottom bracket, headset and hubs

Bike & drive-train clean using ROZONE Smartwasher

New gear, brake cables/hydraulic fluid

Price: £150


  • All prices are exclude the cost of parts
  • All timescales and prices quoted are an estimate only
  • A combination of jobs may be required on one bike. Our labour charge will a fair and representative reflection of the time spend on the bike
  • Our minimum labour charge is £5


Full workshop pricelist


Face                                                                                                                            £10

Fitting / Service                                                                                                           £20

Brakes (Per Brake) Includes installing parts, bleeding and adjusting

Rim                                                                                                                             £10

Cable Disc                                                                                                                  £15

Hydraulic Disc                                                                                                             £20


Fit Left Hand Crank Arm                                                                                              £5

Fit Chain                                                                                                                      £5

Fit & Adjust Derailleur                                                                                                 £10

Rear Hanger Alignment                                                                                              £10                 

Fit Chain-set (includes front gear adjustment)                                                           £15

Fit Chain & Cassette (includes rear gear adjustment)                                                £20

Bottom Bracket

Re-tap                                                                                                                         £10

Face                                                                                                                            £10

Fit                                                                                                                                £20

Hubs (Per Hub)

Strip & Rebuild                                                                                                            £10

Sealed bearing replacement                                                                                       £15

Wheels (Per Wheel)

Fit Tube &/or Tyre                                                                                                       £5

Fit Tube &/or Tyre (Hub Gear Wheel)                                                                        £10

Wheel Build                                                                                                                 £25

Parts Fit

Grips                                                                                                                           £5

Computer                                                                                                                    £5

Pedals                                                                                                                         £5

Bar Tape                                                                                                                     £5

Luggage rack (includes stainless bolts)                                                                      £10

Fork                                                                                                                             £20

Bike Boxing

Dismantle & Packing                                                                                                  £40


Prices are based on components being purchased at Bicycle Doctor